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St. Anne's School is an accredited Catholic elementary school located in Wabasso, MN. It is a parish school with 91 students in grades kindergarten through 6th grade. In addition, the preschool program enrolls 8 - 15 students per year. Students of all religious denominations are welcome.

The annual cost to educate one student ranges from $5200-$6100. The current tuition charged is $1200 for parishioners and $1500 for those out-of-parish. This is approximately 18% of the cost of education. Our parish, with contributions from the Light of the World faith community, subsidizes 60% of this annual cost. The remaining costs are funded by donations from our faithful supporters. Therefore, your financial support is greatly appreciated and allows any child the opportunity to receive a quality Catholic education at a reasonable cost.

Consider supporting St. Anne's School by giving to the endowment fund, supporting a fundraising event, making a designated gift, or including St. Anne's School in your will. Your generosity will ensure hundreds more will "Enter to learn Christ, and exit to serve Christ".
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